Woodland Art & Craft

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    Debbie and Tim Stott run a woodland art & craft day at Coed Obry.

    Debbie running a course making dreamcatchers

    Course programme

    The course runs from 10.30am – 4pm and includes:

    • You collect materials from around the 5-acre wood (sticks, leaves etc) which you will later use in your crafts
    • You will make a dreamcatcher
    • Lunch is provided: cooked over a campfire
    • You will make a wood mallet and tent peg
    • You will make a shell mobile
    • You will make either a walking stick OR carve a spoon

    NB. Shells, beads, wool, feathers and string will be provided as well as the tools you will need for woodcraft: safety gloves, axe, bill hook and carving knives.

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